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For Christian Publishing Professionals

November 13-14, 2024 | CHICAGO
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel & Conference Center Chicago-Downers Grove


Training Tracks and Programs in:

Editorial  |  Marketing  |  Publicity  |  Design  |  Production & Operations  |  Children’s Book Summit  |  Emerging Leaders

Training, Connecting, and Inspiring the Christian Publishing Professional


PubU is a U-Build-It event. Our BrainTrust develops a variety of sessions you can choose from that will inform your role in Christian publishing.


PubU is developed BY the industry, FOR the industry. Industry leaders and experts lead sessions to train up current and next-gen publishing leaders, offered in publishing tracks based on publishing roles in Marketing, Editorial, Production, and more.


PubU's signature value is learning from industry colleagues and leaders through panels, Q&A, sessions, and discussions about best practices, case studies, and challenges they've faced and overcome. Plan to leave PubU with a few more friends and mentors, inspired and encouraged in your publishing role.


PubU is the place to network and meet others in the industry who do what you do—or not. In any case, the connections you make at PubU will enlarge your vision for the mission of Christian publishing while you hone and appreciate your craft as a vital component of that mission.

Emerging Leader Scholars & Mentor Program

Invest in the new and diverse voices in your organization by nominating them for an Emerging Leaders scholarship to PubU. After PubU, scholars will be matched with an industry veteran for a year-long mentor program.

What people are saying about PubU

  • "PubU is the boost of energy and creativity that we all need each year."

  • "There is a special place in my heart for the ECPA PubU conference. The care, transparency, and laughter I receive from fellow laborers is refreshing and inspiring."

  • "The highlight of PubU is the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends from across the industry."

  • "The lobby conversations alone were well worth the cost of the conference."

  • "The value of PubU is the networking and ability to get to know those in the industry. We share so much in common with each other and love learning together."

  • "Gathering with other individuals in the Christian publishing industry at PubU was an encouraging experience."

  • "The emerging leaders track at PubU provided foundational information and a community with other individuals who are equally new to the industry and passionate about publishing."

  • "It was beneficial to meet like-minded individuals and learn from experts in the industry at PubU."

  • "The speakers provided not only statistics and overviews but concrete suggestions that were great takeaways for me."

  • "PubU gathers publishing professionals to help them hone their area of expertise."

  • "PubU was a very valuable event. I loved the opportunity to learn from industry experts and meet other professionals from the industry."

  • "The highlight of my time at PubU was meeting others in the industry and being able to connect with and learn from them."

  • "Being able to bounce new ideas off of people who fully understand your role is invaluable."

  • "The most significant experience for me was spending time chatting with fellow editors."

  • "Had a blast hanging out with amazing colleagues."

  • "I love getting to meet other people in the industry and learn more about how to effectively market our books and reach readers in the growing digital age."

  • "PubU provides a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the Christian publishing industry."

  • "In the span of two days you learn about current tools, resources, and trends that might've taken months or years to come across otherwise."

  • "My first PubU experience was energizing and educational."

  • "Having worked from home for a number of years, this was an excellent opportunity to meet new friends, catch up with old, freshen my editing skills, and be inspired."

  • "The highlight of PubU is the valuable knowledge from the sessions and the contacts I meet."

  • "PubU refreshed me and sparked a desire to exercise my God-given creativity that I haven't felt in years."

  • "Without exception, the PubU sessions are excellent."

  • "The plenary sessions are a wonderful opportunity to gather as industry professionals and think about the place of creativity, justice, and theology in the world of Christian publishing."

  • "The sessions gave us tangible tools to apply to our strategies and got us rethinking how we tackle projects entirely."

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