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October 13-14, 2016
Trinity International University, Chicago

PUBu is the preeminent connection and training event for Christian publishing professionals. Sessions are developed around major publishing-related communities and led by industry leaders and experts.

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Training, Connecting, and Inspiring the Christian Publishing Professional


PUBu is a U-Build-It event. Our BrainTrust develops a variety of sessions you can choose from that will inform your role in Christian publishing.


You'll leave PUBu with the experience and knowledge of 10 training, networking, and general sessions -- all packed in just 24 hours!


PUBu's signature value is learning from industry colleagues and leaders through panels, Q&A, sessions, and discussions about best practices, case studies, and challenges they've faced and overcome. Plan to leave PUBu with a few more friends and mentors, inspired and encouraged in your publishing role.


PUBu is the place to network and meet others in the industry who do what you do—or not. In any case, the connections you make at PUBu will enlarge your vision for the mission of Christian publishing while you hone and appreciate your craft as a vital component of that mission.

What people are saying about PUBu:

  • "PUBu provides amazing opportunities to hear what others are doing and how they are solving the issues that the face in an ever-changing publishing ecosystem."

  • "It provides a challenge to evaluate one's own methods to determine if we're just doing things the way we've always done them or if we're doing things to best utilize the resources available to us."

  • "Quality people coming together to increase our effectiveness in making this world a better place. The joyful spirit at PUBu is contagious..."

  • "PUBu allows the industry to take a breath, compare notes, and discuss what actually works."

  • "The resources provided to us to take back to our offices, whether book recommendations, social media recommendations, or websites and tools to be aware of, is invaluable at PUBu."

  • "PUBu provided great insight into the quickly changing digital horizon for publishing, how to thrive within it, and how to prioritize for the best return on your investment of time online."

  • "Meeting and learning from others across the industry energized me for my own work in editorial and stimulated my creative thinking for collaboration across departments."

  • "PUBu nurtured an inviting atmosphere in which I felt comfortable to settle in, be inspired, and leave with fresh and innovative ideas."

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Featuring Ken Wytsma
as the PUBu keynote speaker

"Creativity is a game changer." (Ken Wytsma in Create vs. Copy)

Ken Wytsma is an author, social justice advocate, pastor, and the president of the innovative Kilns College in Bend, Oregon. In his opening and closing talks, Ken will touch on imagination, intentional creativity, and innovation, and how these elements can help publishing professionals be more successful at doing meaningful work.

More about Ken Ken's PUBu Sessions

Emerging Leaders Scholarships

Develop new and diverse voices in your organization by sending them to PUBu.

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