PubU marketing sessions are designed especially for marketers, publicity, and sales professionals. However, graphic designers, developers, and editors will also benefit from some of the sessions.

This track will focus on bringing in top professionals primarily from outside the industry to share in depth and practical insights while providing the best possible book marketing and publicity education for attendees to grow and lead in their discipline. Let us have fun and as an industry be a reflection of the gospel to impact people eternally.

Pete Peterson

Executive Director of the Rabbit Room and Managing Editor of Rabbit Room Press

Session 1

Building a Community of Readers: What We Can Learn from the Story of the Rabbit Room

In 2006 the Rabbit Room was founded on the idea that art nourishes community and community nourishes art. In the decade that followed, a humble WordPress blog grew into a publishing house, an annual conference, a bustling online store, a podcast network, and an ever-emerging community of readers, writers, musicians, music-lovers, and artists of every kind. By looking at the successes and failures of this unique community, co-founder and Rabbit Room Press editor Pete Peterson discuss how the development of relationships between writers and readers has been both a challenge and a joy.

This is a class designed to help marketers, editors, and designers.

Ryan Frederick

Founder, EMG

Session 2

5 Essentials Building Effective Book Websites

Building landing pages is an unavoidable part of every book marketing campaign. The question is not whether or not you should have one, but rather, how you can create one that truly converts? In this rapid-fire session, attendees will discover data-tested, essential features of book landing pages that convert. You will leave this session empowered and equipped to build better landing pages that you and your authors will be proud to share.

Audience: Digital Marketers, Marketers

Nick Rynerson

Chief Creative Officer of Useful Group

Session 3

Rethinking Social Media: How To Use Facebook & Instagram to Sell

Social media is changing. Facebook has made it nearly impossible for a brand to build a following organically and Instagram has become a crowded marketplace. While these changes have lead many to doubt the usefulness of social media, they actually represent a huge opportunity for brands and marketers. This session walks through what publishers need to know about these ongoing shifts and how to think about advertising in today's social media landscape. Through tactical tips and big picture strategies, Nick Rynerson will show how you can actually drive sales using Facebook and Instagram, and why now may be the best time to increase your social media budget.

David Barker

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Readerlink Distribution Services and the President of ReaderLink Digital

Session 4

How Consumer Data Makes You a Better Marketer

A discussion of current trends in the mass, club, and grocery retail channels. We will examine how the trend to smaller stores and departments must influence how book publishers and sellers go to market and why understanding the book consumer buying behavior is essential to driving sales in today’s retail environment. A great session for anyone in publishing.

Rob Eagar

Founder and Marketing Expert,
Wildfire Marketing, Author of
“Sell Your Book Like Wildfire”

Session 5

Taming the Amazon: How to Boost Sales at the Largest Book Retailer for Free

Amazon sells more books than any other retailer. If you learn how to sell more books on Amazon, you will naturally increase your sales. In this presentation, book marketing expert and ECPA member, Rob Eagar, offers proven methods to boost sales on Amazon for FREE. Discover low-labor intensive tactics that persuade more customers to purchase.

Marketers and editorial professionals are invited to this interactive session designed to get the most of your Amazon sales account.

David Loy

CEO, Leverage Creative Group

Jerry B. Jenkins

Best-selling Author

Session 6

Coaching Authors to Success: How We as Publishers Can Best Coach Our Authors to Sell Their Books

We all know the author can be the most valuable part of the success of a book, but we also know most authors have no idea where to start in this process. What if we as publishers could help our authors maximize their influence and mobilize their tribes before a book release date is announced? We can. This session will give you ideas for how to help your authors capitalize on their existing audience as well as add new and qualified people to their list in the months leading up to their next release, so you don’t hold all the responsibility to sell books! A great class to help publishers, editors, marketers, and publicists.

Audience: Marketers, Publicists, Editors

Matt Burch

VP of Strategy at Paramore Digital

Session 7

Making Digital Videos That Sell Books

Can binge watching lead to binge reading? In this session, we’ll look at how to use video to build buzz and drive sales for your books. You’ll walk away with practical and creative ideas on how to concept, create and distribute your videos for maximum impact. This class is designed for marketers, editors, and anyone else interested in understanding how to leverage video to sell books.

Brain Trust Lead

Team Member

Dave Schroeder

Vice President of Marketing
B&H Publishing Group

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