Bridging the Gap

Creativity and design excellence are vitally important in publishing. As publishers, we have a responsibility to present the content that we have been entrusted with to the marketplace with truth and beauty through all forms of media. Through Q&A, panel discussions, and workshops with award winning illustrators and designers, we will work to demonstrate ways that we can practically bridge the gap between creative excellence and publishing by connecting truth and beauty. Don Clark, Dana Tanamachi, Tyler Deeb, Matt Stevens, Scotty Reifsnyder, Klaus Krogh, and a team of in-house designers at Crossway, have each had a unique impact through their design work over the years. During their sessions they will share about their experiences in design and publishing, making the inherent connection between truth and beauty.

Tyler Deeb

Designer and Owner of
Misc. Goods Co.

Session 1

Don’t Chase the Glory; Work Hard and Be Satisfied

Drawing on themes from the book of Ecclesiastes, Tyler Deeb of Misc. Goods Co. will share from his own experiences, explaining how his mantra “Work hard, don’t chase the glory, and be satisfied,” helped him find peace and purpose along the way to becoming a successful small-business owner and product designer. Tyler will share a few projects that he has worked on and will explain how hard work and craftsmanship are fit into his process.

Dana Tanamachi

Lettering Artist and Designer,
Tanamachi Studios

Session 2

Create and Flourish

Lettering artist and designer Dana Tanamachi will share stories from her career and life, highlighting some of her favorite projects and exploring how they helped prepare her to work on her largest and most intricate project to date: the ESV Illuminated Bible. Sharing first-draft sketches and some of the research that went into the project, she will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how the handcrafted illustrations and lettering were developed. Dana will also provide a live demonstration of her method and will end the session with a Q&A.

Don Clark

Artist, Founder of Invisible Creature

Session 3

The Story of Invisible Creature

Artist Don Clark will sit down with Josh Dennis for an interview-style presentation focused on Don’s unique career in which he started out playing in a band right after highschool and is now doing illustration and design work for some of the biggest brands in the world. Don will also do a live demonstration on screen of how he works.

Klaus Krogh

Founder and CEO, 2K/DENMARK

Session 4

What designers need to know about neurological research to design more legible books

In this session, Klaus Krogh will discuss what designers need to know about the latest neurological research and how it relates to book design. Topics include:

  • What is a letterform and how did it evolve?
  • What neurological research tells us about how we read
  • Why typographical rules and conventions developed through 500 years help making both aesthetic and legible books
  • What designers should never forget!

Scotty Reifsnyder

Illustrator and Designer

Session 5

Life and Work

Graphic designer and illustrator Scotty Reifsnyder will share how his work and personal life have intersected over the last few years. In early 2016, his daughter was born with Down syndrome. Therapy and visits to the doctor made it very difficult to work. Scotty will explain how he was able to get back into the studio and will reflect on some of the things he has learned over these challenging but providential couple of years.

Matt Stevens

Illustrator and Designer

Session 6

Bringing Who You Are to the Work

Sharing from the belief that your best work is made when you feel a connection to what you’re making, designer and illustrator Matt Stevens will share how he has had to rediscover who he is as a creative through personal projects, and how he has struggled to find connection to his work through both success and failure over the course of of his career working for design firms and running his own solo design/illustration studio. In addition to sharing these stories—and the work that was made in the midst of them—he will reflect on his process and end with some Q&A.

Josh Dennis

Executive Vice President of Creative, Crossway

Session 7

Crossway In-House Team: Panel Discussion

Josh Dennis will host a panel discussion with Crossway’s in-house design team. Each designer will explain their responsibilities and will cover a range of topics, including production design, product design, product photography, and more. The session will end with a time for Q&A.

Panelists include:

  • Erik Maldre — Art Director, Crossway
  • Kevin Lipp — Senior Designer, Crossway
  • Crystal Courtney — Senior Designer, Crossway
  • Jordan Singer — Designer, Crossway
  • Jordan Eskovitz — Designer, Crossway

Brain Trust Lead

Team Member

Josh Dennis

Executive Vice President of Creative, 

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