Track leaders: Kathy Krenzien (Gateway) and Bradley Isbell (Iron Stream)

Post COVID: Availability in a Time of Global Disruption

Ingram experts will provide inventory management strategies for publishers as they address the upcoming holiday season and look ahead to early 2022. Reviewing current supply chain disruptions and market availability trends, this webinar will guide publishers on how to meet market demand without carrying excess stock. Tips for in-market printing and capturing global sales will also be provided.

  • Rob Grindstaff, Director of Sales Operations and Product Development, Ingram Lightning Source
  • Michial Miller, Key Accounts Manager, Ingram Lightning Source
  • Amanda Sharp, Senior Key Accounts Sales Manager, Ingram Lightning Source

Operations at the Center: Your Vital Role in Gathering Successful Metadata

Metadata is one of a publishing company's most valuable assets, but it is often still treated as an afterthought for the marketing department to worry about. As more book sales move online and more publishers attempt to make their own brands more valuable and visible to consumers, the need for operational metadata engagement is increasing. In this session, Joshua Tallent from Firebrand Technologies will walk you through some practical, actionable steps you can take to bring more structure, more forethought, and more organization to your metadata operations. In this session, you will learn:

  • How your metadata strategy can positively (or negatively!) impact your entire organization.
  • The benefits of publishing management systems over generic or home-built applications and spreadsheets
  • How watching your titles in the marketplace can lead to fewer headaches and more sales
  • How accessibility metadata can help your ebooks reach new audiences

Join us for this important discussion, and be sure to bring all of your metadata questions!

  • Joshua Tallent, Director of Sales and Education, Firebrand Technologies

Outsourcing Like a Startup—Working with Agencies to Flex Your Talent

Learn how to harness the power of outsourcing to be flexible and adapt to changing needs without the overhead expenses of additional full-time employees. We will discuss how staff can effectively manage vendors to deepen the expertise available and expand capacity. Discover best practices for partnering with vendors for successful operations.

  • Matt West, Founder and CEO, Dexterity
  • Jocelyn Bailey, freelance editor
  • Lauren Langston Stewart, editorial manager, Dexterity

Sustainable Materials and Maneuvering Global Supply Chain Challenges

Printing capacity globally, international lead times, increased container cost, supply chain and labor challenges, and sustainable materials are topics on everyone's mind. Please join us for an overview from a supplier's perspective as we address specific situations we all face and propose solutions for continued business success.

  • Rondal E. Hamilton, VP Specialty Publishing, Ecological Fibers

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