Track leaders: Amanda Cleary Eastep (Moody) and Connor Sterchi (Moody)

Visuals and Illustrations to Help Your Authors Improve Their Manuscripts

If you work with authors, you may have the same goal (an amazing manuscript) but different opinions about what that looks like—or how to get there. In this session, writing coach Karen Bouchard shares the visuals, strategies, and illustrations she uses to help writers grasp—and implement—easy fixes that will improve their writing. Authors complaining about editors who don’t “get” their voice is old news. With these visuals and illustrations, however, your authors will thank you for helping them become better writers—and your job just got a little easier in the process.

  • Karen Bouchard, Managing Editor of David C Cook’s Power for Living

Author Wrangling: How to Train Your Content Creators to Match Your House or Publication’s Brand

In this session, attendees will learn about developing clear communication strategies with authors so that you can make changes without ruining the relationship; finding a good “voice” for the author and the house/publication; and teaching non-writer content creators (speakers, pastors, teachers) how to get words down on paper that resemble writing

  • Marianne Hering, editor and author of The Imagination Station book series

Platform: It's Not Just About the Numbers

Every author needs platform. But what is platform, and how much platform is enough to make a book work? Looking beyond the usual metrics of social media fans and followers, IVP senior editor Al Hsu provides a theology of platform (yes, platform is actually mentioned in the Bible!) and unpacks three key dimensions of platform. Those attending this session will gain a framework and categories for evaluating authors' platforms at proposal stage and encouraging authors' platforms for successful book launch.

  • Al Hsu, Senior Editor, InterVarsity Press

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This: Becoming the Confident and Considerate Editor You Were Meant to Be

If you’re like most editors, you will have days where you feel totally inadequate in your abilities … and other days when you know you’re right, but your author doesn’t seem to trust your judgment. In this session we will examine the pendulum of feelings—and situations—we experience as editors so we can gain confidence in our abilities while serving our authors with a healthy balance of empathy and expertise.

  • Susan Tjaden, executive editor, WaterBrook & Multnomah, Ink & Willow

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