Sessions designed for professionals in operations, workflow, metadata, logistics, and production with a focus on actionable takeaways from the intersection of people, process, and technology.

In his recently-published Brave New Work, Aaron Dignan defines "workflow" as the path and process of value creation. For the publishing industry, this path to value goes beyond the creation of mere content and into the creation of lasting customer experiences. This work is complex, with content diverging and converging, taking different forms, and getting to customers in new ways. This year the Data, Delivery, and Workflow track delves into some of these complexities with the aim of clarifying the current state and putting the opportunities in reach.

Matt Baehr

Executive Director,
Book Manufacturer's Institute

Session 1

Working with a Partner: Moving beyond the Client/Vendor Framework

Wondering how to work more effectively with business partners? Join Matt Baehr (Book Manufacturers' Institute) as he moderates a lively discussion around tips, tricks, and best practices for moving beyond the static client/vendor framework and into dynamic and fruitful partnerships. Panelists include:

  • Tim Taylor, Sales Representative, Worzalla
  • Cara Lahey, Director of Sales and Marketing, Publisher's Graphics
  • Susan Salley, Associate Publisher, Abingdon Press
  • Matt Baehr, BMI - Moderator
Ken Dillard

Director of Integrated Business Planning and Business Analytics for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company

Session 2

Using Process Improvement for Value Creation and Employee Engagement

Want to make your company a great place to work? Join Ken Dillard—a change agent with expertise in Process Improvements, Publishing, Manufacturing, Business Integration, Back Office Improvement, Forecasting, Warehousing, and Outsourcing Management—as he presents ideas and leads a panel discussion around implementing process improvement techniques. Expect to hear how process improvement practices enhance employee engagement and increase morale through finding and emphasizing value, reducing waste, cutting out rework, reducing redundancy, and the PDCA cycle. Panelists include:

  • Bill Buckles, Industrial Engineering Supervisor, LifeWay Christian Resources
  • Karen Capps, Executive Director, Production Control and Quality Systems, Concordia Publishing House
  • Rebecca Burgoyne, Executive Director, Operations, The United Methodist Publishing House
Joshua Tallent

Director of Sales and Education,

Timothy Olson

Digital Assets Manager,
Tyndale House Publishers

Session 3

Working Smarter: How the BISG Workflow Committee Will Help

Pondering how to get the most out of your metadata processes and your production cycle? Join Joshua Tallent (Firebrand) and Timothy Olson (Tyndale) as they share information you need to know about the newly formed BISG Workflow Committee, including the purpose of the committee and the deliverables it is working towards. (BISG is the Book Industry Study Group, the national association dedicated to facilitating shared solutions for shared issues throughout the supply chain.)

Michial Miller

Client Development Manager,
The NPD Group, Inc.

Christine Showalter

Contracts Manager,
Tyndale House Publishers

Session 4

Making Effective Data-driven Decisions

Want to be more intentional and data-driven? Join Michial Miller (NPD) as he moderates a discussion with Christine Showalter (Tyndale House) and John Shrewsbury (United Methodist Publishing House) on putting data to good use, how to discern trends in data, use relevant reporting for various strategic initiatives, apply data effectively to business decisions, and how to frame the business problem in order to find the applicable data.

Bradley Metrock

Score Publishing

Robin Erwin

Digital Retail Sales Manager, Ingram Content Group

Session 5

Implementing Voice-first Technology in Publishing Production

Curious about voice technologies and how they are being used today? Join Bradley Metrock (DBW) and Robin Erwin (Ingram) as they participate in a chat and Q&A covering the interesting work being done right now to incorporate voice and voice-first technology into production, automation, operations, manufacturing, and distribution centers.

Kathy Ferguson

Senior Sales Representative,
LSC Communications

Session 6

Understanding the State of the Supply Chain

Thinking about supply chain issues such as logistics and capacity? Join Kathy Ferguson (LSC) as she moderates a panel of representatives from across the global network in a discussion of the state of the supply chain, including: paper and materials, printing, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.

  • Pete Larson, President/CEO, Bethany Press
  • Michelle Weststeyn, Production Manager, Hachette Book Group - Worthy Bibles, Ellie Claire, WorthyKids
  • Pete Schmidt, Sales, Lindenmeyr Book Publishing Papers
  • Nicole Wilson, Platform Logistics, LSC Communications
  • Susie Scally, VP Sales, Meadows Wye
  • Raymond Ambriano, COO, Meadows Wye
  • Katherine Ferguson, Account Management, LSC Communications - Moderator
Bailey Davis

Supervisor, Content Acquisition Sales,
Ingram Content Group

Session 7

Solving Distribution for Small Presses

Looking for distribution solutions? Join Bailey Davis (Ingram) as she examines the difference between full service and wholesale distribution, and provides guidance for making distribution decisions. Bailey will also share tools for small publishers to leverage their wholesale relationships and build their business.

Brain Trust Lead

Team Member

Rebecca Burgoyne

Executive Director of Operations
United Methodist Publishing House

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