Sessions will appeal to people in a variety of publishing disciplines including editors, marketers, designers and anyone involved in publishing workflows that optimize reader engagement.

The PubU Reader Engagement track, with publishing team members from a variety of disciplines, will highlight how to attract, activate, and retain readers, while moving them through the purchase funnel with effective content, social engagement and advocacy tactics.

Gabe Lyons

Author and Q conference founder

Session 1

Shouting at Culture

Christian authors, speakers and leaders of all types have sought to influence the culture since our faith was born. However, we’ve had mixed results through history as “influence” sometimes got confused with “power.” Based on the trendline of religious participation in the United States, the church and individual believers have struggled to understand today’s culture and how to influence it towards faith in Jesus. Before we engage the culture, we must understand it and how to best influence it. This session will tackle a big picture problem with simple, compelling insights.

Phil Warner

VP of Video Production,
RightNow Media

Session 2

Seeing is Believing: The Value of Video in Reader Engagement

With content coming from the industry’s top publishers, RightNow Media has created and curated a video based platform aimed at encouraging engagement for all levels of the church. Considered the “Netflix of Christian Bible Study” and with a base of over 15,000 churches, learn how RightNow Media has transformed the way churches, small groups, church leaders, kids and individuals engage with video resources and how this model deepens the relationship with God while strengthening and extending brands.

Jeff James

VP of Marketing for
Nelson Books/HarperCollins
Christian Publishing Group

Aryn Van Dyke

Assistant Marketing Manager,
HarperCollins Christian Publishing Group

Session 3

Integrating Mobile Marketing Into the Overall Integrated Book Campaign

Mobile devices have revolutionized how marketers can engage consumers at the right place at the right time. Also, up to 80% of your web site traffic may already be coming from a smartphone or other mobile device. How should publishers think about using mobile as a primary marketing and communications channel to enhance other forms of engagement such as social media, print and events?



Session 4

Let’s Party! How to Leverage Events for Effective Reader Engagement

Nothing can bring more excitement around a book project than a great event. Events allow readers a chance to engage with like-minded readers or meet their favorite inspirational authors. It invites them into an “inner circle”. This session isn’t about a book signing, it’s about an EVENT! Come learn how creating amazing events can draw consumers into your content and brands while building loyalty and providing a memorable time for all.

Anna LeBaron

“Book Launch Guru”

Session 5

Did You Hear About this Book? Building Effective Street Teams

Street teams are a vital part of building a successful book launching campaign. It is true that these teams can make or break whether a book breaks through all the noise in the marketplace. In this session learn how to build effective street teams that advocate on your author’s behalf. Learn how to motivate, inspire and engage them as a vital resource in spreading the word from Jen Hatmaker’s “go to” launch team leader.

Leah Chabai

Content and Social Media
Manager for Proverbs 31

Session 6

Content is King: Best Practices to Sharing Content for the Purposes of Building Author/Publisher Platforms and Email Lists

Building your author or organization’s platform and/or network is the most important strategy one can do to ensure the success of a project or brand. The advantages of building, curating and maintaining a dedicated platform are endless but doing so starts with great content. It is true that “content is king” and great inspiring, trustworthy and relevant content can drive the creation of a solid platform. In this session, learn best practices around sharing content that builds lasting loyalty around your mission, author or organization from the Proverbs 31 Ministries team.

Jolene Barto

Marketing Manager, Audiobooks
at HarperCollins
Christian Publishing

Session 7

Can You Hear Me Now? Using Audiobooks to Greater Enhance the Reader Experience

Platforms like Audible have revolutionized how consumers engage with reader content. One no longer needs to sit and read a book, you can walk or run or listen as a family for a shared experience. In this session learn how audiobooks can further enhance the reader experience and provide long-lasting connections with the content and its author.

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Brain Trust Leads

Team Member

Jeff James

VP of Marketing for Nelson Books, 
an imprint of HarperCollins Christian Publishing Group

Team Member

Chriscynethia Floyd

VP of Sales & Marketing, 
Learning Resources, David C Cook

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